From July 2014


I needed space. Here’s the story.


Life is not perfect; this is not a tragedy.

Two years ago, before that summer, my life had its particular details, but anyone would have recognized its pattern of ups and downs as both familiar and normal. Then my mother-in-law’s diabetes dropped her into the hospital’s intensive care unit four times in three the rest

What the—?   Who the—?   Where the—?

The entertainment arts and sciences have preoccupied me since age six when I decided I wanted to work for Bugs Bunny.

The first obstacle I ran into was typical: my family regarded my basic goal as nonsense, which explains why my occupational history began with medical school and then working as an actual doctor for a bit, which I did well, but there was a big problem: it turns out an ambition to work for Bugs Bunny isn’t a thing you can just switch off and forget.→ read the rest